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2017-18 DCoG Annual Performance Plan

A Foreword by Minister Des van Rooyen

We commemorated the 20th anniversary of the adoption of our Constitution in 2016.This important framework of our democracy continues to guide us towards achieving our objectives, as outlined in the National Development Plan (NDP). As South Africans, we can stand proud of our achievements in ensuring a peaceful political settlement and should be inspired to continue to embrace and promote constitutional rights and values. Our democratic government has made exceptional progress in putting these ideals into practice over the past two decades, especially in the sphere of local government.

Local government is the sphere of government closest to the people.The notion of a developmental local government, therefore, is important in guiding and ensuring a system that is committed to working with communities to meet their social, economic and material needs sustainably and improving the quality of their lives.

Local government in South Africa is developmental, as well as accountable. It is focused on citizen’s priorities and capable of delivering high-quality services consistently and sustainably through cooperative governance across government and in partnership with communities, civil society and private sector partners.

You download the full 2017-18 DCoG Annual Performance Plan.