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Report Back: Special COGTA MINMEC Meeting


The Ministry for Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs (CoGTA), held a special MinMec meeting on 21 April 2017. The meeting chaired by Minister for CoGTA, honourable Minister Des van Rooyen looked at 3 key issues.

  1. Reconstitution of Traditional Houses;
  2. The work of the Demarcation Board; and
  3. Implementation of the Municipal Systems Act as amended in July 2011 and the 2014 regulations

The meeting was briefed on the ongoing work towards the reconstitution of the Traditional Houses which begun last year (2016). The aim of this unfolding process is to ensure that this houses are fully constituted when the term of the current houses comes to an end, hence the deadline of 17 August 2017. The meeting was briefed that the team is undertaking a process of legislative analysis within this sector. The process is necessary to ensure that the houses are reconstituted by the set deadline. The team will engage all stakeholders and in Provinces to ensure that there is appreciation of various views and opinions to assist in shaping this process forward so as to standardise and align how the sector operates across the country. MinMec pledged to support this work to ensure that all Traditional Houses are reconstituted as expected by deadline – 17 August 2017.

The Municipal Demarcation Board (MDB) presented a comprehensive report of its work. The report shows that even though there are notable successes, there are challenges that links to some decisions of the MDB, especially around the redetermination of boundaries.

The MDB report also raised the challenge of misalignments in some municipal boundaries across the country. Some of this misalignments, are causing service delivery challenges and confusion amongst communities. In some instances, villages are cut into half between two municipalities.

The MDB will visit all provinces to engage stakeholders on issues relating this misalignment of boundaries and the other issues raised by stakeholders relating to the redetermination of boundaries. The provincial engagements will be targeting the Provincial and local government, all organised formations and structures impacted upon by the issues of redetermination.

Some of the inputs expected from this engagements with stakeholders will be able to assist in the alignment of processes that will eventually assist to set the MDB on a path to refocus its approach and amendments to the legislation governing the redetermination processes.

The meeting was also briefed on the issues relating to competencies for Senior Managers in municipalities. In terms of the Exemption notice issued by the Minister of Finance on 03 February 2017, all those appointed not meeting the minimum competency levels in unit standards were given strict time to do so. All persons appointed not meeting the minimum competency level in unit standards, will have to acquire this in 18 months of appointment. The existing employees are also required to attain it within 18 months from the date that the exemption notice come into effect. Failure to meet the required minimum competency levels in the unit standards for each competency area within the stipulated period of 18 months, the employment contract will terminate automatically within one month after the applicable period.

After robust discussions, the meeting endorsed all the presentations and agreed to continue collaborate on all issues within the sector and to also support the planned work emanating from the MinMec decisions.



Legadima Leso

CoGTA Communications

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