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My Heritage, My Pride


September is the month of celebrating our heritage and recognise different aspects of South African cultures and encourage all South Africans to celebrate their cultural heritage and diversity.

This month recognises aspects of our rich South African culture, customs, religions and belief systems, and generally the cultural lives of people that have been inherited from generation to generation.

As we celebrate this heritage month we should not only refer to our historical inheritance but embrace those who still continue to be the custodian of culture, heritage and indigenous knowledge.

Celebrating heritage is another way of educating the nation about the value for knowing, protecting and preserving our culture, heritage and identity.  Celebrating heritage is about embracing the various languages that have become entrenched in our cultural milieu.

The institution of traditional leadership plays an important role in ensuring that our culture and heritage is restored with dignity. Throughout the year, traditional leaders celebrate heritage in their communities. It is through these celebrations that our cultural diversity will be preserved for future generations.

“Our rich and varied cultural heritage has a profound power to help build our nation”