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Intermediate Cities Programme Workshop Paves Way for IUDF Implementation


On Wednesday 15 November, the Intermediate Cities Programme workshop took place in Birchwood Hotel in the City of Ekurhuleni. The workshop brought together Intermediate City Municipalities, provincial COGTAs, Technical Steering Committee members as well as invited experts.

The Integrated Urban Development Framework highlights the important roles that intermediate or secondary cities play within regional economies. While they demonstrate certain common features, they vary widely in their economic base and capacity to manage and administer some of the mechanisms that may be available to support change. In response, a dedicated programme of support for intermediate cities (ICMs Programme) is under design.

The purpose of the workshop was to review proposals for the design of the ICM programme, and solicit inputs from across government department and agencies on how to structure the programme. In particular the workshop aimed to:

  • Identify the particular aspects of intermediate cities that require different approaches to other parts of the urban system.
  • Identify the nature of the technical support that ICMs require to implement the IUDF.
  • Examine the IGR processes, regulatory policies and tools that can support IUDF implementation in ICMs.
  • Develop proposals for the sustainable financing of IUDF implementation, and in particular finalise proposals for the grant component of the programme.
  • Make recommendations about how to monitor and evaluate the ICM programme.