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CoGTA Mourns the Passing of Morena E Moholo Thokoana Mopeli of Bakoena

The Ministry of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs, (CoGTA), has learned with sadness of the passing of Morena e Moholo Thokoana Mopeli of the Bakoena from the Free State Province on 02 December 2017.

Death is in many instances called a cruel and heartless enemy as it takes those who are dear to us. Little did we know that death will rob us earlier of the visionary leader, Morena e Moholo Thokoana Mopeli from whom much was still expected.

Knowing and understanding pain that death leaves behind at some time or another, Minister van Rooyen extended his sympathies to all who will need fortitude and courage to come to terms with their grief over the passing of Morena e Moholo.

“We extend our deepest condolences and heartfelt sympathy to all members of the Royal Family, the Free State Provincial Government and the entire Bakoena who are engulfed by grief due to the untimely passing of Morena Thokoana”, said Minister Des van Rooyen.

Morena e Moholo was an admired, revered leader and servant of the people. As CoGTA, we are proud to have worked with such a great leader who served his community with diligence and contributed to their growth and development. For such dedication and selflessness in service of his people, Morena Thokoana will forever be remembered with great respect and admiration.

The wise leadership and graciousness of Morena Thokoana will be remembered forever. It was under his guidance and leadership that the Bakoena ba Mopeli documented their history. The Bakoena launched their Customary Law of Succession and Genealogy book on 25 September 2017 and that event still remain an important milestone in the traditional leadership sector in South Africa.

Minister indicated that government will continue to support the bereaved royal family and the entire Bakoena in this trying period. “May his soul rest in Peace”, said Minister

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