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Update on Relief for Families Affected by the Floods Disasters in Eastern Cape and KZN

Ministers involved in the management of the devastating flood disaster that befell parts of KwaZulu-Natal and the Eastern Cape are discussing different means to expedite the rescue and rehabilitation of affected communities and return to normality for the affected communities.

The National Disaster Management Centre (NDMC) under the Ministry of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs is leading the coordination of the post-disaster management work.

“Continuous support is being provided to the affected communities and the Ministers and affected departments are communicating continuously with the Provincial and Local Government counterparts to ensure the provision of support. The destruction of infrastructure such as roads and bridges has cut off most communities from services and public amenities and that is of serious concern to us. We are discussing amongst ourselves what can be done to provide temporary infrastructure in the meantime so that people can be able to move around. A lot must be done to provide support to these communities and we appeal to the public and the business community to lend a hand as many families are in distress. We thank non-governmental relief agencies, faith-based organisations, community based organisations and individuals for always being on hand to provide support,” said CoGTA Minister Dr Zweli Mkhize.

The following departments are working together to provide relief and the needed services;

  • Cooperative Governance
  • Social Development
  • Water and Sanitation
  • Public Works
  • Transport
  • Basic Education
  • Police
  • Defence
  • Home Affairs
  • Human Settlements
  • Health
  • Public Enterprises

The Joint Operational Centre coordinated by the NDMC has been directed to focus on the following as they make technical assessments of what needs to be done;

  • The return of families to their homes must be prioritized where homes were not demolished by the floods.
  • The mobilisation of additional support from business and civil society to help rehabilitate homes in addition to what government is planning must be undertaken.
  • The provision of food relief, clothes, blankets and alternative accommodation must be coordinated.
  • The clearing of debris and rubble in public spaces and roadways need to be undertaken urgently.
  • Access to schools clinics hospitals commercial and economic centres must be ensured.
  • Schooling is still disturbed in some communities as a result of rivers still overflowing or broken bridges and this must be urgently looked into so that children can return to school.  Some of the schools had also been designated as voting stations.
  • Continuous support and counselling to affected families must be ensured especially those who have lost their loved ones.


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