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Deputy Ministers Nel and Thabethe Visit CWP Sites in Erasmus, Pretoria

Deputy Minister for Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs, Mr Andries Nel and Deputy Minister for Small Business Development Ms Elizabeth Thabethe conferred certificates to Community Work Programme (CWP) participants who completed training in various fields such as construction, agriculture, catering, youth development in soccer, cultural performance, upholstery, art and sewing.


Speaking at this event, Deputy Minister Nel said that the Erasmus CWP site is one of the best in the country and its best practices are regularly shared with other sites in the country. “I have also shared the good experiences of the site of Erasmus with parliament and with other people in government as one of the best case studies that we can use in other parts of the country”, said Deputy Minister Nel.

Today’s event confirms that CWP is a true instrument for community development that improves the quality of life in communities, not only in Erasmus, but also across the country. The CWP public employment programmes are an important government intervention that aims to provide work opportunities for disadvantaged communities. One of the main focus of the CWP is to uplifts and supports communities, while at the same time ensuring that they acquire skills necessary for their own development and survival.

The CWP participants are keeping the school yard clean and secured and have also build a bridge to enable members of the community to cross over the river. In addition, the CWP site in Erasmus has food gardens and early childhood development centre (ECD).

Both Deputy Ministers of Small Business Development and Cooperative Governance respectively lauded participants in the programme for the good work they are doing in the communities. Deputy Minister Thabethe was at hand to coach CWP participants on how to start their own cooperatives and also inform them about the support that they is available from Government.

The collaboration between the two departments and the City of Tshwane will bring about skills development and promote Local Economic Development through the formation of cooperatives in the CWP.




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