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Build-up Engagements Continued on the Second day of the World Summit of Local and Regional Leaders Congress in Durban

The second day of the World Summit of Local Government and Regional Leaders engagements have illuminated a new era of local and regional governments which requires local and regional action to be at the heart of sustainable development and local democracy.

Hundreds of delegates flooded various learning, working and networking sessions which took the form of panel discussions and meetings showcasing of best practices at the Local4Action Hub. This year’s renewed format of engagements and enhanced collaboration between members and partners adds efficacy to this edition of the World Summit of Local and Regional Leaders.

The triennial UCLG Congress builds on the legacy of the commitments of the local and regional governments constituency around the world. A commitment to ensure a better future for all through concrete action at regional, national and international levels. A commitment to govern and build in partnership for cities and regions to take their rightful place at the head of a new international agenda for inclusive and sustainable development.

– A panel discussion at the Local4Action HUB convened looking at issues of Gender Equality. From the discussions and decisions, it became clear that UCLG has placed special emphasis in making issues of Gender Equality visible from policy development to the event organisation.

– In addition, the fourth UCLG Learning Forum, UCLG Section Caucuses and a special session on The Future of Equality: Beyond Beijing +25 took place today.

– The South African Cities Network also formed part of the African Form for Urban Safety (AFUS) panel discussion and delivered a presentation titled Local Governance, Leadership and Accountability for City Safety: The South African Experience, to drive global consciousness on our local dynamics and mechanisms that are being explored towards improved governance.

On the issue of access to finance, the discussions touched on equitable share and revenue collection. The main area was however on donor funding. The main question asked was how can donor organisations and development partners better prepare to support cities? Caution was raised that before support can be provided, there has to be an enabling environment within countries, capacity and skills to receive funding and credit and investment worthiness. Innovation in municipal financing needs to be pushed a little further than it is currently to improve levels of intervention by the development partners.

The discussions in various sessions will continue throughout Wednesday until the official opening ceremony begins in the afternoon.

The President of the Congress, Mr Parks Tau will during the official opening programme give a comprehensive report on the work done by the UCLG leadership which was elected in 2016. In addition, a number of government and non-government representatives will also speak on important collaborations and partnerships in the process and decision making of city and community life. The commitment, approved by the World Council in Bogotá, paved the way for better conditions and enabling environments for local and regional governments. The current context is seen as a moment of unprecedented opportunity that necessitates bold undertakings, including the renewal of governance models, of the social contract and shifting priorities of governments at all levels to bridge inequalities.

Members of the Media are invited to cover the official opening of the Congress as follows:

– Date: 13 November 2019
– Time: 17:00
– Venue: Plenary Room

Online registration is now closed however, media can still register onsite at the Durban Exhibition Centre, Hall 1, Entrance C, Walnut Road and collect their accreditation – to be able to cover the official opening of congress and other sessions and events.

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