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Social Cohesion and Nation Building – The Answer for Vuwani

In an effort to ensure social cohesion, the IMC on Vuwani continues to strive for communities which are cohesive to the extent that any inequality, exclusion or disparity based on ethnicity, gender, class, nationality, age, disability or any other distinctions engendering divisions, distrust and conflict, are eliminated.

“We urge communities to be active participants, working together for the attainment of shared goals, designed and agreed upon to improve the living conditions for all”, said Minister van Rooyen.


The IMC believes that it is possible in Vuwani and surrounding areas to promote the process of nation building where communities with diverse origins, histories, languages, cultures and religions, come together within the same municipality. This process in the case of Vuwani and its surrounding areas, recently affected by violent protests, cannot be the perpetuation of hierarchies of the past, based on ethnically engineered and imposed divisions of people rooted in prejudice, discrimination and exclusion. This therefore calls for social cohesion, linked to nation building as we continue and strive to build a South Africa anchored on our Constitution.


To continue building united communities in Vuwani and surrounding areas, the Minister of Communications, Ms Faith Muthambi (MP), today, 27 May 2016 led another successful social cohesion community information session in the Tshikonelo Traditional Council area. This was the second session in a series of nation building and social cohesion drives as part of ongoing work by the IMC on Vuwani. These social cohesion initiatives are premised on solid partnerships with civil society organisations, communities and the traditional leadership. The session attracted participation from learners and teachers alike with an approximated attendance of 500.


The collective action by the community of Tshikonelo to protect public infrastructure and keep the academic programme on track amidst disruptions in neighbouring villages, was indeed exemplary and a commendable action which all communities can emulate in their respective areas.


The resounding message from all partners was that of the need to build a unified society which embraces diversity as a uniquely South African inherent feature.  Social partners raised challenges that they still face in terms of attaining fully the provision of quality basic education founded on a conducive environment of learning and teaching. The community gave assurance to support and work with government to ensure that this is realised to move South Africa forward.


The people of Tshikonelo further appreciated the broadcasting digital migration campaign that government is implementing to both unlock the potential of our spectrum and maintain a competitive and responsive economic infrastructure. “As government we would like to commend the people of Tshikonelo for protecting and encouraging the culture of learning and teaching and thus preventing acts of vandalism of public property,” said Minister Muthambi.” 

This community information session held today, served as a platform to solicit community inputs towards nation building and promoting coexistence among communities through active community participation.


As government, we urge communities to play their part in ensuring peaceful coexistence in Vuwani. Let’s all say – “Violence will not be committed in my name’.



Head of Communication (CoGTA)

Mr Legadima Leso – 082 378 9495.