Adopt rates policies

  • Adopt by-laws to give effect to the adopted rates policies
  • Gazette the property valuation rolls for public inspection outlining also the process of raising objections
  • Outline to the public the appeal process regarding outcome of objections
    What must ratepayers do to effectively participate in the implementation of the Municipal Property Rates Act?

    •  Chapter 4 of the Municipal Systems Act requires a culture of community participation in the affairs of the municipality to be developed.
    •  Ratepayers have got a responsibility to engage with their municipalities when municipalities invite public comments/submissions/inputs on their proposed rates policies and budgets. The rates policies deal with issues such as the Cent amount in the Rand that the municipal council propose imposing, relief measures to ratepayers such as granting of exemptions, rebates, and reductions in respect of owners of categories of properties, for example, to

    Indigent owners;
    Owners dependent on pensions or social grants for their livelihood;

    Owners temporarily without income;

    Owners of property situated within an area affected by –

    • –  a disaster within the meaning of the Disaster Management Act (2002); or
    • –  Any other serious adverse social or economic conditions;
    • Ratepayers should comply with municipal requests within the stipulated timeframes that municipalities will publicly announce regarding inspections of property valuation rolls and if necessary lodging objections in respect of market values of specific individual properties.
    • Raising concerns after municipal councils have already approved municipal rates policies and budgets or after expiry of the objections period will not achieve meaningful results. Communities need to proactively and constructively engage with their municipalities on valuation and rating issues.

      How to lodge objections regarding the determined market value of the property

      • After a municipality has completed its valuation of immovable properties within its jurisdiction and produced a property valuation roll, the municipality invites members of the public to inspect the property valuation roll within a stipulated timeframe, and to raise objections within a stipulated timeframe.
      • The municipality also forward each immovable property owner with an extract of the property valuation roll pertaining to that owner’s property.
      • Should the immovable property owner be not satisfied with the market value of his/her property reflected in the property valuation roll, such immovable property owner should approach his/her municipality to lodge objections citing reasons behind such objections.