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About us: The establishment of the Department of Traditional Affairs was approved by Cabinet on 5 March 2008. The former Department of Provincial and Local Government was given a mandate deriving from the

5th March 2008 Cabinet’s decision to drive the processes for the establishment of this new department.

The strategic role of the department is not only to assist the institution of traditional and the Khoi-san leadership to transform themselves to be strategic partners with Government in the development of their communities, but also to coordinate the traditional affairs activities of the Department and those of other Departments at national, provincial and local government levels. This is meant to ensure that their needs in terms of development, service delivery, governance, access to indigenous knowledge systems, traditional courts and indigenous law, traditional healing and medicine are adequately met.  To this end, a communication and marketing strategy is required to launch, and effectively position the DTA within the South African political, economic and social framework.

An effective and efficient institution of traditional leadership that enhances sustainable development and service delivery.


To coordinate traditional affairs activities across government through:

  1. Development of appropriate policies, systems and regulatory framework governing Traditional Affairs
  2. Enhancement of organisational efficiency and effectiveness
  3. Establishment of capacity development systems and partnership models
  4. Undertaking periodic research and development on traditional affairs matters
  5. Monitoring and evaluation of performance of the DTA and its entities

Important Contacts:

1 Ms Shoky Mogaladi Executive Manager: Office of the DG ReshoketsweM@cogta.gov.za +27 (12) 334 0899 086 274 9000
2 Ms Modiegi Madiga Communications ModiegiM@cogta.gov.za +27 (12) 395 4791 086 617 8880
3 Mr Bagudi Tolo Chairperson of the Commission bagudit@cogta.gov.za +27 (12) 334 4969 086 657 4157
4 Dr Nokuzola Mndende Deputy Chairperson of the Commission nokuzolam@cogta.gov.za +27 (12) 334 5856 086 657 4157
5 Mr Abram Sithole Commission on Traditional Leadership Disputes and Claims CEO abramS@cogta.gov.za +27 (12) 334 4901 086 657 4157
6 Mr Gezani Mazibuko Commission on Traditional Leadership Disputes and Claims (CEO) Gezani@cogta.gov.za +27 (12) 334 4901