Building Capabilities

Institutional Capacity : There has to be a focus will be on building strong municipal administrative systems and processes. It includes ensuring that administrative positions are filled with competent and committed people whose performance is closely monitored.

Targeted and measurable training and capacity building will be provided for Councillors and municipal officials so that they are able to deal with the challenges of local governance as well as ensuring that scarce skills are addressed through bursary and training programmes. The basic requirements to be monitored include:

  • Ensuring that the top six post (Municipal Manager, Finance, Infrastructure Corporate Services, Community development and Development Planning) vacancies are filled by competent persons (qualifications)
  • That the municipal organograms are realistic, underpinned by a service delivery model and affordable;
  • That there are implementable human resources development and management programmes; and
  • There are sustained platforms to engage organised labour to minimise disputes and disruptions