Delivering Basic Services

  • CoGTA will support the development and implementation of comprehensive infrastructure and maintenance plans in municipalities, with at least 7% of operational budgets going to maintenance of infrastructure. This will include infrastructure audits.

  • CoGTA will develop and implement real-time systems to monitor service delivery interruptions.
  • CoGTA will provide institutional support to improve expenditure, to target backlogs and to ensure municipalities acquire relevant skills for infrastructure management.
  • CoGTA will coordinate collaboration of service delivery initiatives of national government departments under auspices of the IMC.
  • The Inter-Ministerial Basic Service Delivery Task Team will assist in unblocking and fast-tracking service around the country.
  • CoGTA, Department of Water and Sanitation, Department of Rural Development and Land Reform and The Department of Human Settlements to intensify the implementation of a pipeline of projects in the 27 Districts with particular focus on water and sanitation to targeted areas.