Minister Richard Baloyi appoints a task team on Public Protector’s Balfour Report

Minister of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs (CoGTA) Richard Baloyi has appointed an inter-sphere task team that will study the Public Protector’s Balfour report which was given to the Minister recently.
The task team which is expected to make its recommendations to the Minister soon is comprised of the following officials from CoGTA and other spheres of government:
  • Tommy Ntsewa (Chairperson)
  • Tozi Faba
  • Joshua Maseko
  • Vusi Ngcobo
  • Beverly Gunqisa
  • Samu Ngubane

Dipaleseng Local Municipality was under a spot light after the 2009 protests for non-delivery of services which prompted the Public Protector to launch an investigation. The Public Protector has finalised her investigation and handed-over her “Glimmer of Hope” report on Balfour investigation to Minister Baloyi on 29 February 2012.
“In showing gratitude to the Public Protector for her insightful report, which was long awaited since 2009, we want to immediately commence with implementation in our drive to make local government work. We want to understand in full what the Public Protector is saying to us, and without much ado, hit the ground running in our strive to build efficient, effective and responsive local government in Dipaleseng and the rest of our country. Hi le ku tsutsumeni – hi lava ku kombisa leswaku hakunene mintirho ya  vulavula,” said Minister Baloyi.
Minister Richard Baloyi has set the following Terms of Reference which will guide the work of the appointed task team to make the appropriate recommendation.
  • Study the report thoroughly and reconcile interpretations on terminology used in the report;
  • Provide clarity on concepts used in the report - legally, politically and otherwise;
  • List activities that need attention on the report with timeframes given and implementation plan;
  • Reconcile the report with other initiatives taken by various stakeholders e.g. Presidential visit, Task Team on servicen delivery, other sector departments and the private sector;
  • Scrutinise and validate the information obtained during the investigation as highlighted in the report and
  • Draw an agenda of general and specific matters to be discussed by the CoGTA family consisting of all the spheres of government.

Amongst others, the team will also attend to any other matters that may be delegated by the Minister. After their findings, they will compile a report and submit to the Minister on or before Wednesday, 7 March 2012.