Minister Baloyi shares lessons on cooperative governance

Minister Richard Baloyi recently shared the ideals of cooperative governance with the delegation from Ethiopian House of Federation which met the minister to learn about the South African governance system. The House of Federation is an upper house of the Ethiopian Parliament.

Addressing the delegation led by the House’s speaker, Kassa Teklebirhan, minister emphasized the importance of a legislated cooperation mechanism to promote good relations among spheres of government.  The department’s Intergovernmental Relations Act prescribes the rules of engagement among the three spheres of government.

Mr Teklebirhan said the Cooperative Governance department and South African government have important lessons for Ethiopia which has a federal system that operates almost similar to the country’s three sphere government system.

“We are happy to have chosen South Africa (as a country to compare governance systems with), here we will get experiences that developed countries cannot give,” Mr Teklebirhan said.