Shiceka 'made bold steps that only the brave can take'

Minister Richard Baloyi paid tribute to the late former Minister for CoGTA, Sicelo Shiceka, at a memorial service held in Parliament, where hundreds of people, including President Jacob Zuma, gathered to pay their last respects. Members of Parliament sang gospel and liberation songs before the memorial service started. President Jacob Zuma also led in the singing of a liberation song.

Minister Richard Baloyi, described Shiceka - who he affectionately called Tatani - as a bold and brave champion of the Local Government Turn Around Strategy.  In some of the tributes, Shiceka was described as a cadre that 'brought a mixture of loyalty and passion to his public support of the new order that the organisation he faithfully served.

Shiceka was deeply committed and passionate in:

Accelerating service delivery,
Sustainable governance,
Sound financial management.
Infrastructure development,
Fighting corruption  

He will be fondly remembered for his bravery, enthusiasm, energy and vibrant leadership.