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Minister van Rooyen Bids Farewell to the Outgoing DG – Dr Charles Nwaila

The Minister of Cooperative Government and Traditional Affairs (CoGTA), Mr Des van Rooyen wished the outgoing Director General of the Department of Traditional Affairs (DTA) well during his retirement.

Dr Charles Nwaila has proven that he is a dedicated servant of the people who committed himself to assisting the country to move to a higher trajectory of development.

After serving the public sector in various capacities for 42 years, Dr Nwaila will retire on 31 January 2018. “I have had the best and exciting time especially, in the last 7 years of my career in the DTA as its first Director General”, said Dr Nwaila.

Indeed, since his appointment in the DTA, he played a critical role in ensuring the implementation of legal frameworks related to traditional affairs sector. Guided by our constitution and other key legal documents, a lot of work has so far been done to harmonize the work of traditional leaders including the process of legally affirming and recognizing the KhoiSan leaders, structures and communities. He guided the achievement of key milestones that includes the convening of a dialogue between traditional leaders and government which culminated in policy positions that have been taken to further ratchet and propel this important sector to an ideal state as envisaged by our constitution.

Through his work ethic, he has shown that the public service is the backbone of the public sector and that public servants are expected to provide support in development of key policies. The ultimate goal of public service is to implement policies, establish good governance, innovative systems, processes and procedures that ultimately accelerate development and service delivery. Public servants who have understood this responsibility like Dr Nwaila were able to be responsive and progressive in implementing the programme of action of government.

It was therefore not surprising that during his time as the DG of DTA he guided the Department to attain unqualified audit opinions from its inception and a clean audit opinion in 2016/17 which clearly indicates his commitment to uphold good governance as a foundation for effective and efficient service delivery to our people.

As a dedicated servant, we know that even though he is retiring from DTA, with his wealth of knowledge and understanding, he will continue serving our people in other capacities. Our country still needs each and everyone’s contribution to continue to develop more than ever before.

We are confident that even as he is leaving the department, he is leaving behind men and women who will continue implementing traditional affairs mandate to strengthen the Traditional Affairs sector.

The Minister and Deputy Ministers of CoGTA congratulated the outgoing DG and indicated that his hard work and knowledge, coupled with many years of experience assisted in nurturing this Department to where it is today. They appreciated his dedication to the work and his impeccable ethics all the time.

“We wish you nothing but good health and joyous days in your retirement. Your words of wisdom and encouragement will always be remembered” said Minister Van Rooyen



Legadima Leso

Head of Communications – COGTA

Cell: 083 378 9495