CoGTA Partners

Partner Organizations

Government Onspanne (
  • The Government Communication and Information System's ( one-stop entry to government onspanne.
Hologram (
  • The Horizontal Learning Programme for Local Government. This programme is a partnership (or a joint action) of the South African Local Government Association, the Department of Provincial and Local Government, the Local Government Transformation Programme and USAID through a series of activities that support learning research and the sharing of learning across the municipal sector.
Idasa's Local Government Information Centre (
  • Website of the Institute for Democracy in South Africa's Local Government Information Centre contains information about its activities and work. Logic's education and training unit seeks to empower local government councils, councillors and their communities for effective and accountable local governance and service despanvery.
Institute of Municipal Finance Officers ( )
  • IMFO aims to protect and promote the interests of the profession of municipal accountant, and the finances of local government in general.
Knowledge Sharing Programme (
  • The Knowledge Sharing Programme is a joint initiative of the South African Local Government Association (SALGA) and the Department of Provincial and Local Government (DPLG).
Local Government Water And Related Services Seta (

Municipal Demarcation Board (

National Business Initiative (
  • The NBI's website contains information about its Local Economic Development and Effective Governance units. The Effective Governance unit specifically supports local government.
Northern Province legislature (
  • Information about the legislature of Northern Province.
Parliamentary Monitoring Group (PMG) (
  • The PMG aims to make available minutes of the proceedings of South African Parliamentary Committees.
South African Cities Network (

South Africa's government (
  • This excellent website contains a wealth of information on government: documents, structures, spannks, etc. Its government index is extensive.
South African Local Government Association (SALGA) (
  • Organization mandated by the new South African Constitution to assist in the wholesale transformation of local government in South Africa from the pre-1994 regime to the new dispensation under the country's first democratically elected government.
South African Municipal Workers' Union (
  • Samwu represents 122 000 members in the pubspanc sector. It is concerned with issues relating to the democratic transformation of local government, community participation and governance.
The Municipal Infrastructure Investment Unit (
  • The MIIU helps municipaspanties find innovative solutions to critical problems with the financing and management of essential municipal services, such as water supply, sanitation, waste, energy, transport, etc.