Minister Baloyi appoints a task team for Madibeng Local Municipality

Minister Richard Baloyi has recently appointed a task team to investigate matters that have prompted the North West Provincial Government to consider placing Madibeng Local Municipality under Section 139 intervention.


The task team is expected to finish its work within three weeks – they have started their investigation on 13 August 2012. The appointment is a result of the ongoing engagement among the Ministry for CoGTA, North West Provincial Government and Madibeng Municipal Council.

The minister has requested the team to establish facts on the following key issues that serve as terms of reference:

  • To establish whether reasons for the considered intervention wholly or partly exclude issues the minister requested the Provincial Government to investigate and report on earlier in the year;
  • To consider whether the circumstances differ with terms of reference that necessitated intervention in the previous Municipal Council whose term of office ended in May 2011;
  • To consider whether constitutional obligations were fulfilled after the intervention in the previous municipal council;
  • To establish if there are no other processes to best support the municipality without evoking Section 139 intervention;
  • To establish if there is no other reason for the minister to hold a different view to that of the Provincial Government once the intervention takes effect and
  • To ensure that the spirit, intervention, letter of the Constitution and enabling legislation on Cooperative Governance are respected (Bill).
The Provincial Government has in the meantime deferred the implementation of the intervention in terms of section 139 (1)(b) of the Constitution. This is to allow the minister to consider the outcome of the task team’s investigation.

All stakeholders are urged to support and cooperate with the ministerial task team. Anybody with information that can assist in establishing the facts on the challenges facing Madibeng Local Municipality should contact the task team’s liaison person, Ms Sandra Makhoba on 082 837 6182.