Steps to be taken after an occurrence of a disaster in provinces

After a disaster has occurred the relevant local municipalities respond to the incident in a form of providing relief measures i.e. provision of blankets, tents, food parcel, etc. 
Conduct assessment and determine the extent of damages for submission to political principals for a decision.The outcome of the assessment will determine the capacity of the local municipality, whether they are coping or not, and if they are not coping they will refer the matter to the council of the municipality for a decision.

Based on the information provided by the officials the council will have to take a resolution to declare a local state of disaster (the purpose is to generate extraordinary measures to deal with the situation). At this stage the local municipality will have to submit its assessment report and the council resolution to the Provincial Disaster Management Centre PDMC requesting the classification of a state of disaster. (NB: Disaster remains local state of disaster until classified and recorded by the National Disaster Management Centre (NDMC)). 
The PDMC will submit the request to the NDMC for classification of a state of disaster. Upon receipt of a request for a letter of classification, the NDMC will have to deploy its resources urgently to conduct assessment and engage with all relevant stakeholders to gather more information in order to be able to classify the state of disaster.

At this stage the NDMC will be in a position to determine whether the disaster is local, provincial or national. In the case of Limpopo and Mpumalanga provinces the disaster will be then classified as provincial state of disaster due the severity and the magnitude - here, more than one district within this provinces are affected by the same floods at the same time. 

After classification of the state of disaster the municipalities will have to request for a national contribution if any through the PDMC.

It is also important to note that the NDMC has a Municipal disaster relief Grant and Provincial disaster relief Grant that can be allocated to municipalities and provincial sector department within three (3) month (NB: Municipalities and Provincial sector Departments must comply to the conditions of both the Municipal and Provincial grants) after the declaration of a state of disaster and there after the reconstruction and rehabilitation process will start during the normal budgetary process or during an adjustment budget.

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