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CoGTA Portfolio Committee Welcomes Cooperative Governance Annual Performance Plan

Cape Town –:  Cooperative Governance & Traditional Affairs Parliamentary Portfolio Committee has today (27 March 2018) welcomed the 2018/19 Annual Performance Plan (APP) presented by the Department of Cooperative Governance (DCoG).

The CoGTA team was led by Deputy Minister Andries Nel who highlighted the importance of the oversight role played by the committee in ensuring that the department accounts accordingly. “This important presentation is part of the checks and balances that have been built into our democratic system to ensure a better performance by government”, said Deputy Minister.

The Department of Cooperative Governance’s APP has 11 strategic objectives that guide the implementation of identified targets, one of which is to provide one million work opportunities through effective programme management and strategic partnerships.

This year (2018) financial year wraps the 2014 – 019 Medium Term Strategic Framework as informed by the Electoral Mandate. With about 11 months remaining towards the end of the current 5-year term, CoGTA is encouraged by the progress made in implementing the 2018/19 Financial Year Annual Performance Plan.

We will also ensure that we manage a smooth transition into the next 5 year term of implementation which covers the period 2019/2020 to 2023/2024. The Department will  also hold a Bosberaad to amongst others conduct an end of term review and relook at our Mandate in preparation for the next term.

There is progress in the implementation of all the key recommendations made by the committee in the previous (2017/18) Annual Performance Plan. This improvement was to a large extent demonstrated by the positive audit outcomes. “We are not yet where we want to be, however, one has to note the considerable improvement in audit outcomes as a step in the right direction,” said Deputy Minister Nel.

DCoG is working around the clock to improve financial accounting within the department in line with the recommendations of the Auditor-General. Part of this work to ensure a clean DCoG, is the process already underway and this would include cleaning Community Work Programme (CWP). To this effect, extensive assets verification and valuation within the CWP is underway and all checks and balances will also be built into the new implementing agents.

The committee was further assured that DCoG was leading an inter-governmental process to address non-payment for bulk services by municipalities, a matter that has concerned the committee in the past. This work will be done within the context of the broader plan to turnaround municipalities that are already struggling, distressed or dysfunctional. It is envisaged that the CWP will create over 483 000 work opportunities and established over 17 strategic partnerships.

To this effect, the DCoG is working closer with all Municipalities and assisting them to ensure that they have financial plans and are also financially viable.

Minister Nel said with President Cyril Ramaphosa’s launch of the Youth Employment Service today, the Ministry of CoGTA was conscious of the major role to be played by an effective system of cooperative governance in creating a conducive environment for employment to thrive.

The committee said the APP was a demonstration of a department that was committed to building a cohesive, sound and effective system of cooperative governance.

Tomorrow (28 March 2018), the Department of Traditional Affairs (DTA) and the Municipal Infrastructure Support Agent (MISA) will tomorrow appear before the Portfolio Committee of CoGTA to present their APPs.

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