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Deputy Minister Nel Attends Sustainable Development High-level Political Forum in New York

The Deputy Minister of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs (CoGTA), Mr Andries Nel will attend and participate at the 2018 High Level Political Forum (HLPF) three-day ministerial meeting from 16 – 18 July 2018 in New York convened under the auspices of the Economic and Social Council.

The HLPF has a “central role in overseeing a network of follow-up and review processes at the global level”. The HLPF is also expected to:

(i) enhance the integration of the three dimensions of sustainable development

(ii) provide political leadership, guidance and recommendations on implementation and follow-up

(iii) address new and emerging issues.

The HLPF will discuss a set of Goals and their interlinkages, including, if appropriate, with other Goals, representing the three dimensions of sustainable development. The 2018 HLPF will be held under the theme, “Transformation towards sustainable and resilient societies”. The meeting will focus on the review of six Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) – (SDG 6 – water and sanitation), (SDG 7 – energy), (SDG 11 – cities), (SDG 12 – sustainable consumption and production), and (SDG 15 – terrestrial ecosystems) – in addition to SDG 17 – Partnerships for the Goals.

The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development is a vision for people, planet, peace and prosperity to be achieved through partnership and solidarity, is now in its third year of implementation. There are positive signs – such as the widespread inclusion of SDG’s targets into countries’ own development plans and strategies, and the setting up of coordinating structures and mechanisms for implementation. At the same time, certain other indicators – for example, deeply entrenched patterns of inequality among many dimensions or the increasingly apparent impacts of climate change – are a cause for concern.

This year’s review at the HLPF, around the theme of “Transformation towards sustainable and resilient societies”, is a timely occasion to take stock of where we are in terms of progress and identify emerging issues that have the potential to significantly affect SDG achievement over the years to come.

Speakers will bring their unique perspectives to bear on approaches and prospects to reaching the 2030 Agenda as a whole, and indicate what they see as priorities needing urgent consideration.



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