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Disruptive Rainfall Over the Central Interior

Extra-Tropical Low Ex-Eloise has been widely covered in the news since the past weekend, from landfall south of Beira, Mozambique, with full Tropical Cyclone status during the early morning hours of Saturday, 23 January 2021. This system has left an extensive trail of destruction along its path over Mozambique as well as the north-eastern parts of South Africa and ultimately being downgraded to an Overland Tropical Depression. Ex-Eloise is now a much-weakened extratropical low pressure system and is currently situated over the south-western parts of Botswana.

Given the position of this low pressure system, and taking into account its clockwise rotation (in the southern hemisphere), a broad stream of tropically-sourced moisture is now being channeled southwards into the central parts of the country, extending over most of the Free State, NorthWest province and the north-eastern half of the Northern Cape where scattered to widespread of showers and thundershowers are expected from Tuesday afternoon (26 January 2021) onwards, continuing until the weekend.

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