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Waterberg Oversight Visit by Director-General of DCoG

Today, DCoG Avril Williamson undertook an oversight visit to Waterberg District Municipality. The visit provided an opportunity for the Director-General to interact with and briefed by both the Provincial and Municipal leadership on the District Development Model (DDM).
DG Williamson was joined by the DG of Limpopo province, Nape Nchabeleng and the Municipal Manager of Waterberg, Preciousstone Raputswa.
The DDM as a government approach to improve integrated planning and delivery across the three spheres of government with district and metropolitan spaces as focal points of government and private sector investment is being rolled out and implemented across the district since it was launched by the President in 2019.
DG Williamson emphasised the importance of finalization of the One Plans which will give impetus to the implementation of the DDM. The DG stressed the importance of getting all stakeholders involved and also strengthening partnerships. The main theme that was visible across all presentations was the need to ensure that the entire District is functional, including the local municipalities. The meeting highlighted that all departments should see the DDM as an opportunity to turn the municipalities around. Waterberg as a pilot should be used as a case study to ensure that good lessons coming out of the DDM rollout in the district can be shared across the province and the country.