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Update: Payment of the Once-off Gratuity to Beneficiaries

Following the 2021 Local Government Elections, approximately 5,000 councillors are not returning to their posts. To this effect, the Department of Cooperative Governance is in the process of finalising all processes for the payments of gratuity to all the qualifying non-returning former Councillors. The department remains the only viable vehicle that can effect payments to all the qualifying former councillors.

The payment of the gratuity to qualifying beneficiaries is made after conducting a series of checks and balances, including the obtaining of a tax directive from the South African Revenue Service.

The Department of Cooperative Governance is therefore in the process of validating the approximately 5,000 applications from all 257 municipalities across the country.

Due to the thorough due diligence process that is required in this regard, payments will be processed as the verification processes are completed. We have already started processing payments and it is envisaged that we will continue doing so into the New Year.

This information was also communicated in a Circular that was issued to all municipalities by the Department of Cooperative Governance on 06 October 2021.

All beneficiaries of the gratuity are kindly requested to note the unfolding process and ensure to submit all required information for payments in this regard.

The department is working around the clock with all role players to ensure that the gratuity is processed and paid to beneficiaries ahead of the targeted date.

The department will continue to provide updates regarding any new developments.

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