“Substantially increase the availability of and access to multi-hazard early warning systems and disaster risk information and assessments to people by 2030”.


  • Government has noted with concern the reported cases of flooding in various parts of the country due to heavy rains. 
  • Heavy rainfall is the main cause of flooding. We urge people to stay indoors in cases of heavy rain and stormy weather. 
  • People living in low lying areas which often experience flooding should take extra caution, and monitor weather alerts on radio, television and from local leaders.
  • We also urge people to never try to walk, swim or drive through fast-moving flood water.
  • Government urges citizens to ensure that children are safe and do not cross flooded roads, bridges and rivers. 
  • Provincial and Local Disaster Management teams across the country are on alert and assisting communities affected by the floods. 
  • Municipal and national dam levels are being monitored to asses if they pose a flood threat. 
  • For more weather warnings, visit:

IDDR outcomes

The expected outcomes of the 2022 IDDR are aligned to the global theme which flows from Target G of the Sendai Framework. Thus, the outcomes of the 2022 IDDR are linked to the sub-targets/ deliverables of Target G; as articulated by the United Nations International Strategy for Disaster Reduction (UNISDR). With this in mind, the 2022 IDDR provides a platform to assess:

4.1 Number of countries that have multi-hazard early warning systems;

4.2  Number of countries that have multi-hazard monitoring and forecasting systems;

4.3  Number of people per 100,000 that are covered by early warning information through local governments or through national dissemination mechanisms;

4.4  Percentage of local governments having a plan to act on early warnings;

4.5  Number of countries that have accessible, understandable, usable and relevant disaster risk information and assessment available to the people at the national and local levels; and

4.6  Percentage of population exposed to or at risk from disasters protected through pre-emptive evacuation following early warning.