Amid The Instability Of Coalition Governments, We All Have The Responsibility To Ensure Effective And Efficient Functioning Municipalities That Delivers On Their Mandate

The Minister of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs (CoGTA) Thembisile Nkadimeng today (01 June 2023) addressed the Roundtable discussion convened by the speakers forum in Gauteng.

The 2021 local government polls brought about seventy (70) hung Councils leading to coalition governments. To this effect, the  Roundtable discussion is looking at the Impact of Coalition Governments on the Capacity of Municipalities to Deliver Basic Services and the Execution of their mandates.

The Minister’s keynote address reflected on creating a conducive legislative environment for stable coalitions that enables sustainable delivery of basic services. In her input, Minister emphasised the importance of effective and efficient functioning municipalities that deliver on their mandate for the benefit of communities.

Even though coalitions can be seen as a result of maturing democracy and competitive politics in the local government sphere, their instability has a negative impact on the fundamental responsibilities of municipalities such as passing budgets and promoting public participation. Most of all this has a bearing on how communities experience and interface with government.

Over the past year the reality has underscored the fact that political parties in South Africa are clearly struggling to cope with the delicate demands and dilemmas of coalition politics, hence the many challenges they continue to face, which include, but are not limited to the following.

“Instability caused by the constant changes in councils due to coalition dynamics have highlighted the need for a framework to guide their formation and management to ensure stability in the local government sphere,” said Minister Nkadimeng.

Minister Nkadimeng called for an inclusive approach that will involve all stakeholders and role players such as political parties, civil society, the South African Local Government Association (SALGA), provincial Departments responsible for local government, etc. Having listened to the call from these stakeholders, CoGTA has developed a draft framework to address these challenges which will be subject to further engagement before finalisation.

Minister sounded a clarion call for all stakeholders and role players to work together to address challenges faced by local government and support it to deliver on its constitutional mandate bearing in mind that municipalities as they are at the coal face of service delivery have a vital role in the daily lives of communities and also ensuring that the development is democratized.

Local government is everybody’s business


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