NDMC Head, Dr Elias Sithole has officially closed the Fire Safety and Prevention Seminar that has been a significant step towards strengthening fire safety and prevention measures across the country.

Dr. Sithole appreciated the invaluable insights gained from the seminar and stated that with nearly a decade of these sessions, the time for more action has arrived, emphasizing the necessity to translate discussions into tangible implementations. Recognizing the importance of addressing challenges head-on, Dr. Sithole pointed out the need to revisit the fundamentals of fire safety and prevention, stressing the importance of discipline and systemic overhauls.

Dr. Sithole announced plans to present a comprehensive proposal to Cabinet, outlining strategies for restructuring fire services across the country and securing essential funding. Furthermore, he said that the NDMC is looking at the possibility of visiting fire stations across the country to assess the state of the stations as this will assist to engage municipalities in ensuring that these stations work optimally.

While outlining these strategic initiatives and others such as the use of drones, Dr. Sithole also took a moment to acknowledge the profound impact of fires on human lives. Beyond statistics and strategies, he reaffirmed NDMC’s dedication to safeguarding communities, preserving lives, and protecting livelihoods.