The NHTKL is organised into eight Committees to carry out its work effectively and efficiently.  Each Committee carries out its work in line with its functions and objectives outlined in the Rules and Orders of the House.  Each Committee holds an meeting once a month.  A Committee can arrange special meetings to discuss identified specific matters. Committees are also at liberty to arrange joint committee meetings to discuss cross-cutting issues of common interest.  The following are the Committees of the NHTKL:

(a) Executive Committee (EXCO);

(b) Committee of Chairpersons (COCHA);

(c) Justice, Crime Prevention and Security Committee (JCPSC);

(d) Gender, Youth, Children, Aged, People with Disabilities and LGBTQI and Social Development Committee (GSDC);

(e) Internal Arrangements, Planning and Cooperative Governance Committee (IPCGC);

(f ) Land, Agriculture and Rural Development Committee (LRDC);

(g) Economic Development, Tourism and Minerals Resources Committee (EDTMRC);

(h) Tradition, Heritage and Culture Committee (THC); and

(i) Ethics Committee.

The Executive Committee (EXCO) is chaired by the Chairperson of the NHTKL, Committee of Chairpersons (COCHA) is chaired by the Deputy Chairperson of the NHTKL and the other Committees by Chairpersons elected by the Members of the committees.