MISA Programmes

a) Municipal and Sectoral Technical Support

The purpose of the technical support programme is to provide technical support to targeted municipalities towards the improvement in infrastructure planning, implementation as well as operations and maintenance. The core aim of the programme is to support the reduction of backlogs for basic services. The programme also manages deployment of professional service providers to municipalities.
The Technical Support programme consists of the following sub-programmes:
Sub-programme 1: Municipal Technical Support ensures that municipal planning and implementation support is provided in accordance with the organisation’s operating model (technical resources according to municipal needs, managing their performance, reporting on delivery and ensuring transfer of skills to municipal officials, amongst others).
Sub-programme 2: Sectoral Support and Coordination ensures that resources are effectively mobilised to support sectoral initiatives in municipalities; and to manage relations and promote collaboration with service delivery partners participating in these initiatives.
Sub-programme 3: Infrastructure Funding Services identifies and mobilises financial resources to fund infrastructure projects in selected municipalities.

b) Capacity Building

Capacity Development advises and supports municipalities on building institutional technical capacity through the development of technical skills for the delivery of sustainable infrastructure that would result into effective and efficient service delivery in the long term. However MISA is providing training programmes for young graduates and offer bursaries to student studying to was engineering technical courses and degrees, MISA is working towards building technical capacity in the municipalities with more focus on the municipal officials.
New Strategic projects

1. The Project Management Office for the 27 District Municipalities

The Department of Cooperative Governance (DCoG) has, through the Municipal Infrastructure Support Agent (MISA), established a project office to coordinate and monitor the process of addressing the backlogs in the 27 Priority District Municipalities.
The project office is focusing on planning for the eradication of backlogs in relation to the RDP norms for minimum levels of services with regards to water, sanitation, refuse removal, roads and energy. As indicated above, backlogs may be due to absent, non-functional, collapsed, badly managed or inadequate infrastructure.

The Project Office

The project office is staffed with a core group of MISA personnel and is to be operationalized through collaborative work and secondment of dedicated specialist resourcing of dedicated officials onto the PMO from DCoG, National Treasury, Department of Transport (roads), the DBSA, Environmental Affairs & Tourism (solid waste), Energy (electricity), and Waster & Sanitation (DWAS).

2. Framework Contracts for Municipal Infrastructure Goods and Services

In partnership with the Chief Procurement Officer (CPO) in NT, support municipalities through the development and implementation of a range of transversal national framework contracts for goods and services related to municipal infrastructure and develop the capacity of municipalities for infrastructure supply chain management. In addition to this MISA will partner with the private sector, National Treasury and the DBSA to develop and implement innovative models for private sector investment in municipal infrastructure. Collaboration will be sought with GTAC and the private sector to provide support and advice to municipalities regarding work process reengineering to improve the productivity and quality of work of in-house maintenance teams.

3. Other projects

More strategic projects are in the conceptualisation phase and once approved, the website will be updated with the most current information.