NHTKL – Mandate

The National House of Traditional leaders is a statutory body established by the National House of Traditional leaders Act, 1997 (Act No 10 of 1997) (The NHTL Act) as amended. Its main objectives are to represent and advance the aspirations of traditional leaders and their rural communities at national level. The Act stipulate the objects and functions of the house, among others, as follow:

To promote the role of traditional leadership within a democratic constitutional dispensation;

To enhance unit and understanding among traditional communities;

To enhance cooperation between National House and the various Houses with a view to address matters of common interest;

To advise the National Government and make recommendations relating to any matter related to traditional leadership; The role of traditional leaders; Customary law; and the customs of communities observing a system of customary law;

To investigate and make information available on traditional leadership, traditional authorities, customary law and customs;

At the request of the President, to advise him or her in connection with any matter referred to in this section;

The House further derives its mandate from the following pieces of legislation:

The Constitution of the Republic of South Africa;

National House of Traditional Leaders Act, 1997 (Act No 10 of 1997);

Traditional Leadership and Governance Framework Act, 2004 (Act no 41 of 2003);

Communal Land Rights Act, 2004 (Act No 11 of 2004);

Local Government Municipal Structure Act, 1998 (Act No 117 of 1998);

Disaster Management Act, 2002 (Act No 57 of 2002)

Other pieces of legislation and policies