Programme 1: Administration


The purpose of the Administration Programme is to provide strategic leadership, effective administration, executive. Support, monitoring and evaluation of Traditional Affairs’ performance, corporate and financial services.


The sub-programmes within the Administration Programme are:

Department Management: (Office of the Director-General): promotes effective strategic management and governance of the Department, corporate planning, integrated and aligned planning within traditional affairs, risk management, corporate secretariat, strategic communication and Parliament and Cabinet support services. The sub-programme’s focus is to improve operational efficiency, and oversee the implementation of Departmental programmes and policies through monitoring and evaluation. It also ensures that adequate support is provided to Traditional Affairs entities.

Corporate and Financial Services: This sub-programme provides human resource management and development, information and communication technologies, legal, records management, supply chain management and financial management support services to line function programmes within the Department.

Internal Audit: This is an independent and objective appraisal function, which provides assurance to the Director-General and senior management concerning adequacy and efficiency of the Department’s internal controls and governance system.